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"There is something interesting about you isn't there? You seem to carry yourself so much differently from the others. I wonder why...? Whatever the reason, I would like to get to know you better. The question is where should I start? Hmm..."

"Yes. The place you were born...that is a very good place to begin. Oh! But don't answer with a town name. For the answer I am looking for, I will cast a spell just for you, one that will help teach me about you in a way that I can easily understand. So listen carefully, I'll only explain once."

"Yellow. Green. Brown. There are many in between, but colours that exist within these lines speak of the origin of men and beasts. No matter where you've been they will tell me where you began."

"Yellow is the colour of noble origin, the one that is highest from the ground without being part of the sky.
Green is the life of those who neither stand high above nor waste away below.
Brown is for those who had no simple starting point, home to beings so low that they have no choice but to hide or else be fed upon by those above."

"With that I should be able to see your origin, but not how you have come to cross my path. For that, I will require a different colour. There is no set rule, like before. But this time the walks of life are instead they are shades of the passions."

"Red. Orange. Pink. Like before, there is much that hides inside, but for the most part your story from birth to this moment is clearly written in your choice."

"Red is the mark of those who know success and progress and failure rarely steps up to ruin your stride.
Orange is both the calling card of Lady Luck and the shadow of death that makes life uncertain.
Pink is the illusory hue that constantly reminds you of your weaknesses and forces you to live with them."

"I have one last question for you, to see what lies in your future. No, I don't mean that in a way like divination. It's more fundamental then that. By learning what you desire, I can see what kind of person you are, and where you might end up someday."

"Blue. Purple. Cyan. Let these be your base for now. I'm sure you can easily have more though since this question has even more possibilities since your path is still unwritten. Don't forget the other answers and listen to the last of them."

"Blue is for those who refuse to acknowledge inaction and prefer to wield all their power without hesitation.
Purple is for those who take the world in stride and only raise their blade to end a fight, not start one.
Cyan is the mark of the merciless raiders who never allow themselves to be broken."

"That's all, feel free to adjust your answers as you like. But don't let your answers be clouded by misinterpretation. Let me hear your answers to my questions then..."

"Where are you from?
Where have you been?
And... Where will you go?"

A momentary lapse. A voiceless choice is made. Once those ideas and images slip away, the one standing before the child suddenly smiles wider.

"So you were born under the best possible circumstances and never suffered from the loss of a peasant or farmer. That's a lot to lose, isn't it? Well, I suppose it does not matter to you. Even with your birth or the path you've taken, you would probably accept it even if your life was ripped asunder. That's a very good personality for the life I walk."

"What? Still surprised at how accurate my reading was? Like I said, it was a spell. I can't explain it all here, so just be patient. That's all for now, enjoy your day. I'll come back to see you again soon."
The prelude to a new story I began on the week of January 6, 2013. It's my first new project of the year. No, the prelude makes no sense on its own, but it does foreshadow events to come. The main story takes place in what I call a neo-steampunk setting with magic and witches.
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