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"Are you ready to go, Jean?" My aunt smiles at me, reminding me again that I was being too slow. And really, I wanted to go back to sleep. It was bad enough that I was in the hospital for a week, quite another to have to actually pack up the things I did not even need. Actually...why should I have to do all of this? I didn't need to study anyway! I just graduated from high school! Goddamned busybodies...

"Yeah, I'm ready. Just go on ahead without me. I'll come with you soon." My voice is pristine, not even showing the slightest bitterness or hostility. I was good at that. No one can ever tell when I am in a bad mood, and that leaves me always playing the innocent one. And I like it that way.

Well, except around friends. It is kind of funny, but I always treat the people I enjoy like dirt and the people I despise or am indifferent to like honoured royalty. I should probably stop doing that before I end up cold and lonely. Nah, screw it. As long as I have my online friends I am fine. Come to think of it... I wonder if Lira still remembers me? It has only been a week but...

I finish packing and leave the room, following the arrows on the floor to get back to the elevators. This is my last load of gifts and trinkets that had piled up in my room. Since I was unconscious for Christmas, I ended up waking up to tons of presents from teachers, classmates, and people who seemed to care about me even though I met them only once. I kind of hate being popular...

"Excuse me!" I was bumped from someone rushing through the halls, a young nurse wearing wide-rimmed glasses and looking a little too cutesy to be working in a hospital. Both of us collapse to the floor, but unlike me, she pounces back up in a flash and continues to dash through the halls. Honestly...some people...

I sigh a little and sit up, finding the boxes I had been holding all over the floor. I grit my teeth in annoyance and start picking them up, silently cursing the nurse. As I pick one up, my eye is drawn to the door next to it. Like mine, the person mush have been here for a few days because it had a name plate slipped onto the door.

"Samantha Willows... That's a boring name..." I say to myself, shaking my head and starting to pick up the rest of the boxes.

From inside the room I could hear talking. People seemed to be crying, a whole lot even. Are they upset? Egh...maybe I should hurry up. I do not want to feel bad about something that has nothing to do with me...

"...on't blame Mariah, for once she actually isn't being a horrible, spiteful person. Still pretty bad though..." A small piece of a conversation. But it's not the chat that caught my attention... It was the voice. For some reason, it sounded... really... really... familiar...
This is the conclusion of the Digital Messenger series.

I must say that this was a fun way to spend time. As I was writing the story, December 23, 2012 had passed and the faux end of the world never came. Good thing, too. Otherwise I would not have gotten to spend the last parts of 2012 and the dawn of 2013 writing this story. In a way, I consider this story's end to be the beginning of a new journey for Lira, Jeanne, and the others. I will be working on a sequel in the coming weeks, look forward to the extra chapters of Digital Messenger: Overclock!
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January 14, 2013
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